What is Covid19 Tracker APP and how to install it?

what is covid19 Tracker App and How to install it ?

Covid19 Tracker App

Covid19, coronavirus, Novel coronavirus and yes Chinese virus these all are the terms which you are currently listening to a lot nowadays. This is seriously a very critical epidemic for the world now. 

Everyone is facing now so many difficulties due to this covid19 but guys we need to fight with this corona virus so please maintain social distancing and stay home, stay safe. I know you have heard this all a lot from everyone. so without wasting your time lets get back to the app “Covid19 Tracker “. 

Please go through the video to see the demo of the Covid19 Tracker APP.

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What is Covid19 Tracker ?

Covid19 Tracker is an Android app, developed by Ayush Gemini. Covid19 Tracker APP helps you to track the COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases & Deaths by Country and States on your fingertips.

Why Covid19 Tracker APP?

Nowadays everybody wants to be updated with the number of cases worldwide and statewide, but for that, they have to go through multiple sites or news channels. so I thought why not to build an app where one can see all the covid19 coronavirus cases report by worldwide and statewide.

1. Track covid19 cases by country and state
2. Track covid19 confirmed cases, active cases, new cases, recovered cases, critical cases, and death cases.
3. User-friendly UI.
5. Filter and search option.
6. Option to share covid19 data with social media.

How to Download and Install Covid19 Tracker APP

  1. First, click on the Download APP Button and Download the APK.
  2. Click on the downloaded APK and install the APK.

 Common Troubleshooting

  1. It may ask you one permission to download the APK as on the given screen.

unkown Source app permission

        2. Allow the permission it will redirect you to the next screen (given below )where you need to enable the “Allow from this source” option.


Allow from this source

             3. Now go back and install the app.


NOTE: Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, the Google Playstore team are currently experiencing longer than usual review times, expected review times of 7 days or longer. That is why I uploaded the APK here so that you guys can download and install it.

if you guys want to see COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases & Deaths by Country in tabular and map view then kindly check out this page by click here.

I hope you like the blog guys and I will be back soon.

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