Best way to download Instagram images.


Have you ever tried to download the Instagram images? if your answer is yes then you might be aware that there is no option to download the Instagram images with high quality. So if you want to know how you can download the Instagram images with high quality then this article is for you.

Demo - how Instagram image saver works.
Demo – how Instagram image saver works.

 what you will learn from this article?

you will get to learn how you can download the high-quality images from Instagram and get the tool by which you will be able to download high-quality images from Instagram. and for my all developer brothers , you guys will learn to make this tool by yourself.

why I developed this tool?

There is a very interesting story behind this, here you go for the interesting story behind this.

One of my friends wanted to gift a photo frame to his crush by making a collage of her picture, but he was not having any picture of her. so he decided to collect the pictures of her. He tried social media and found her on Instagram.

now he was so happy that he can collect the pictures of her but his happiness was for limited time because there is no option to save the Instagram picture. Now the only option he can think is to take the screenshot of that pic (I know you all are also thinking the same) but this option is also not working because of the screenshot the quality of that picture was degrading.

Then finally he came to me and told me his entire problem. and yes you all are right I helped him for his crush … hahaha…. I made a script in which he can put the link of that post and he will get the image after that he can save the image by right click on that image. He was so happy after got all the pictures of his crush by using this script.

Then I thought, many of you may need this that’s why I made it for public use if you want to try then kindly visit here.

What Technology we are used to build this tool?

So when you want to do something automatically then the first thing comes in your mind is “Python”(yes you are right Python is one of my favorite languages too. if you want to know what is programming language kindly visit here). so we are using python for our script code and Html file for our front end. We are using a flask for our web framework.

you can download the source code from here.

NOTE: if you guys want me to make a tutorial to explain how to build this tool then please let me know by your comments and I will make a detailed tutorial article for you.

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