what is covid19 Tracker App and How to install it ?

What is Covid19 Tracker APP and how to install it?

Covid19 Tracker App Covid19, coronavirus, Novel coronavirus and yes Chinese virus these all are the terms which you are currently listening to a lot nowadays. This is seriously a very critical epidemic for the world now.  Everyone is facing now so many difficulties due to this covid19 but guys we need to fight with this…

what is programming language

what is a computer programming language?

Here we will get to know what is a programming language, what language computer (a machine) understands, how we categorized the program and computer language. Here we will understand what is a programming language. So without any delay let’s get started. what is the Program? A computer is a general-purpose machine it can do big …

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How to be a software developer

Why you should be a software developer & how to get started

Without a question, becoming a software developer nowadays is one of the best career decisions that someone can make, not only because of the great job opportunities available but also because of the immense benefits in terms of personal fulfillment, self-development, and creative expression. As someone who began to travel this career path not so…

Android Interview Questions and Answers

Android Interview Questions & Answers

Most frequently asked android interview questions and answers In this rapidly growing technology, there is a huge demand for android and android developers. As we all know all the things nowadays moving on smartphones and most of the people having android smartphones. That is the reason for the high paid job for an android application…